What’s a ‘story night?’

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What’s a ‘story night?’

Some of you have asked to explain our upcoming “story night.”

On Saturday, June 24, the Watertown Players will host our first ever story night event. A story night event is a get-together where people enjoy the cultural and social activity of sharing real stories on stage, told by the people who lived them.  There will be funny stories. There will be touching stories. There will be ghost stories.  No rules. No theme. Just stories.

Storytelling events are happening all over the world; it’s an entertainment option that’s growing in popularity. The appeal of getting together and swapping tales has been something that humans have enjoyed for as long as they’ve had stories to tell. Think about it, you’ve probably told a story or two in your time. We thought, why not tell one more?

So we’re getting together, swapping stories, and telling tales.  Like that.

We’ve got a few members of our theater group stepping up to tell a few stories, and we’ve got a few local folks from in and around town ready to share. If you want in on the action, we’ve still got a few slots left for storytellers on our schedule.  

And to make it a little more collegial, we’re also hosting a beer tasting as part of the event.

Get your tickets now. 

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Gabe Wollenburg is a director on the Watertown Players Board. He has starred in several Watertown Players productions, including "Wicked Watertown," "A Family Reunion to Die For," and "The Impressive Waiter" in Hello Dolly. He also produced and co-directed the 2016 children's theater production of "A Wizard of Oz Christmas."

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