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Cast List for Radio Daze III announced

The cast list for the upcoming Watertown Players production of “Radio Daze III: Here We Go Again” has been announced. The show, an original comedy done in the style of old-time radio, will be performed at the Watertown Players Theater, located in The Market, 210 S. Water St., Watertown April 21-22.
Tickets for the show are now on sale and can be purchased at Piggly Wiggly in Watertown or online at The cost for admission is $10.00 per person.
The show, an original comedy written by local playwright W.F. Jannke III features parodies of old-time radio clichés such as the soap opera, represented here as “Life on the Cowl Farm,” the continuing saga of a free-lance mortician and her fruitless search for love and happiness; the family comedy, here represented by the sketch “Fun with the Finorks,” the misadventure of America’s wackiest couple; as well as mystery and suspense programs, here represented by “Library Mystery Theater,” because when you think of a library you naturally think of mystery. Other sketches include the continuing tale of life at the last remaining drive-in movie theater, “The Merle” and throughout the night there will be parodies of commercials for companies such as the E.J. Tawdrey Co., purveyors of Tawdrey gifts for over a century.
The cast for the show, which is under the direction of Mr. Jannke, includes Linda Ewert, Matt Emerson, Jennie Ortega, Karen Eilenfeldt, Nan Moss, Steve and Rose Menzia, Annette Weirick, Doug Hoffman, Jim Powell, Jim Steffl, Lee Loging, and Dale Van Holten on sound effects. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Carol Erickson.
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Bill Jannke is the founder and president of the Watertown Players.

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