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Hello Lovers of the Theater!

This is Bill Jannke, founder and president of the Watertown Players and I wish to take this platform to welcome you all to our new website. I want to thank everyone who put their time and talents into this site and I encourage everyone out there in “cyberland” to come back and visit us often.

We here at the Players are entering into a challenging and exciting time. Challenging because we need to continue to keep revenue flowing so we can meet our monthly responsibilities to our landlords so that we have a roof over our heads and also so that we can continue to bring shows that you enjoy and want to support, and exciting because we are planning an eventful remainder of this season and looking forward to big event’s for the next one. We are always looking ahead and thinking about what will please our discerning patrons.

To that end, in hopes that you, our audiences, will have a more vested interest in our company, I want to ask you all a question: what shows would you like to see us present? Let us know by sending us an email with your thoughts.

Also, have you ever wanted to get involved with our group? Well, we’d like to see you and get your help. It takes a lot of people to create one of our shows, not just the actors but costumers, set designers and painters, musicians, people to help with the running of the “house” (which is actor-speak for anyone wishing to help with ticket sales, concession sales, or ushering), poster designers, program designers, the list is endless. We also need (urgently) new directors and producers.

So don’t ever think you have nothing to offer. Your presence is invaluable and we would love to work with you! Come on out and volunteer. You’ll get to work with a swell bunch of people and make lasting friendships.

Coming up fast is our night of improve comedy featuring “Monkey Business Institute,” a Madison-based troupe of talented comedians who will bring their anarchic sense of fun to our theater March 24. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, well what are you waiting for?! They’re only here for one night!!!

Then, on April 21-22, will be yet another installment of our original comedy sketches presented in the form of old time radio “Radio Daze III: Here We Go Again!” These shows have proven to be a solid hit with our audiences, as well as being good proving grounds for future actors. Many have gone on to appear in larger and more lavish productions so why not come and experience this show and you may just consider auditioning yourself for future productions.

Oh yes, ladies and gents, there is always something cooking at the Watertown Players, where everyone is a star! So come on out and see us!

Till next time—

Theatrically yours,
Bill Jannke

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Bill Jannke is the founder and president of the Watertown Players.

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