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Thanks for inquiring about tickets.

Tickets for most shows are sold at various locations around town, typically Piggly Wiggly, 1330 Memorial Drive, Watertown. In most cases, they can also be purchased online through

It’s easiest for us to take cash, but can take credit cards; however, there is a nominal handling fee in that case.

Group Discounts

We can offer group discounts, dependant on the performance, performer, and licensing rights we’ve purchased for our productions. Give our house manager a call if you’re interested in that sort of thing; she can be reached at (920) 306-4364.

Entertainment Flex Pass

The Watertown Players Entertainment Flex Pass allows the recipient to see any show and bring up to six people on their pass—each ticket is a punch on the card! Theater goers may attend one show or several—the choice is up to the recipient. One six-punch pass is a deal at only $70! The Entertainment Flex Passes make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements.  By purchasing an Entertainment Flex Pass, not only are you giving the gift of live entertainment, but you are also supporting the Arts in your community!

(Each Flex Pass expires two years from the date of purchase. They are not valid on the annual Octagon House shows.) Flex passes can only be purchased in person at the Watertown Players Theater.