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No good show is too good for the radio…

Both Friday and Saturday’s shows begin at 7 p.m.

Sit back and laugh for an hour with the Watertown Players as they recreate the experience of old time radio. They will present a series of original comedy sketches which represents a typical broadcasting day in the life of a small and woefully underfunded radio station, WPRT.

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This is an approximately 90 minutes in length night of original comedy done in the style of old-time radio. Each minute of the performance a laugh filled one. The sketches in the broadcast include “Life on the Cowl Farm,” the continuing saga of

The sketches in the broadcast include “Life on the Cowl Farm,” the continuing saga of Elner Cowl, a free-lance mortician and her fruitless search for love and fulfillment; “The Merle,” the story of East Patterson, NJ’s last remaining drive-in movie theater, located way put on Rte 27 (not the new one but the old one), down the winding road, past the haunted farm house, just a sharp turn at the Dead End side, and there you’ll find it, The Merle. Run by beloved old Pop Hutchins and his strangely alluring daughter, Leona. Witness the trials and tribulations of running a failing drive-in movie theater that shows only old army training films: “Fun with the Finorks,” the wacky adventures of an old married couple on the verge of self-destruction; “Library Mystery Theater,” because when you think of mystery, you naturally think of a library.

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